Behold The Door

Behold The Door

Floatmount 30" x 14" Limited Edition Giclee Print, 2011 (Age 15) 


I have been captivated by the peeling paint on abandoned farmhouses, which inspired my photographic series called “Watching Paint Peel,” and later this painting. This piece is a composition based on several of my photos rather than being a photorealistic representation of one specific door. I took artistic license to enlarge some elements for emphasis. As I painted I thought about how, just like this old farmhouse door, we weather, fade and shatter over the years from the harsh elements of life that slowly deteriorate our outer and inner beings. I wanted to communicate a deeper theological meaning through this piece: that even though our souls have become filthy because of sin in this world (both ours and that of others) the God who created us looks past our ugliness and offers inner beauty and joy to all those who will believe in Him and accept his gracious offer. Behold The Door stands as a metaphorical depiction of the entrance to our soul when Jesus (God in flesh) comes to our door and knocks (Revelation 3:20). The question is, will we let Him into our lives or keep the door tightly locked?



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