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Creation Longs

Framed 16" x 24" Limited Edition Giclee Print, 2012 (Age 16)


As I painted this, the word “longing” kept coming to me. First I thought of the longing people feel to be by the ocean, or at the lake. Somehow the rhythmic lapping of waves is like therapy that calms the soul. Then, as I was painting the driftwood, which was dead and yet seemed to come alive with the setting sun, I started to think of the biblical concept of how creation longs for a brighter day. “The created world itself can hardly wait for what is coming next" (Romans 8:19, The Message). Even people who don’t believe in heaven instinctively long for a time when all wrongs against them will be made right and when justice will prevail. For those who do believe in heaven, this gives us hope as we eagerly wait for the Creator to put everything back to how He meant it to be in the first place. For this painting I used photos I had taken on Cortes Island in northern British Columbia, and photos from a couple kilometers down the road from my studio on the beach of Lake Ontario. As always, I used many photos, which I made into a collage on my computer. I then developed my own composition as I began sketching. I was intent on portraying how the motion in the driftwood mimics the motion of the waves.

    Framed or Unframed