Not About the View

Not About the View

Floatmount 16.5" x 18" Limited Edition Giclee Print, 2011 (Age 16)


A painting of a window often draws the viewer to look out into the distance, but rarely does it encourage the viewer to see inside. In this piece I wished to direct the observer’s attention to the inside of the window — the window frame, windowsill and wall. The viewer is encouraged to ponder the mystery of the scene and ask questions like, why might there be feathers on the windowsill? Who used to live here and when? What is this architectural relic of the historical past saying to us? If these walls could speak! These and other questions are important to unravelling the meaning of this piece. The viewer’s background experiences will inevitably contribute to their emotional response to this painting. As for the technical aspects, similar to my previous painting Behold The Door, the first painting in this series, I was fascinated by the weathering effects of natural elements on architectural structures which occur over time. Again, the eye is drawn to the peeling paint, and added to this are the dirty, broken and missing windowpanes, plus the intricacy of peeling vintage wallpaper from the past century. This pattern is reflected in the design that the old Caragana bush creates against the sunset.



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