Prairie Ponderings

Prairie Ponderings

Floatmount 18" x 24" Limited Edition Giclee Print, 2012 (Age 16)


I have witnessed a variety of feelings and responses from those who have stood and pondered this painting. For some it represents a sentimental place that reminds them of their childhood, but for others it is just an old dilapidated homestead. Many have said they experience a sense of joy in viewing this composition, which pulls them into the beautiful scenic view of the prairies where an old farmhouse window frames the flat landscape. The faded inside environment contrasts the bright blue and white-clouded sky, purple flax and yellow canola fields separated by a trampled dirt road leading out to the endless horizon. The painting evokes a different pace of life, a calm from the busyness, which city-dwellers sometimes idealize and long for: old granaries, teetering fence posts, peeling wallpaper, worn paint on windowsills, and what remains of windowpanes that once were... all marking the seasons that this old house has endured. Beauty can be found in this scene for those who are able to appreciate the intricacy and complexity of each element, which together give this painting its appealing character.



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