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Snow White

Framed 16" x 20" Limited Edition Giclee Print, 2008 (Age 13)


Ι spent the early years of my life living in Russia, where we went to every travelling zoo and circus that came to town. The rules were more relaxed there and we could watch from six feet away, as the animals paced in their wide-barred cages. It was bittersweet, as we always felt bad for the animals in their cramped quarters and did our best to urge the keepers toward their better care and comfort. It wasn’t until we moved to Canada that I realized what a privilege it had been to see those animals up closer than we ever get to see them here. In particular, the White Tigers and Snow Leopards had made a strong imprint on my mind, and I later painted them seeking to show their strength and graceful beauty. In this painting I tried to highlight the tiger’s stripes against the snowy mountains in the distance, and show how the tiger could fit into a northern environment. I wanted the only distinct colours in this painting to be the pink nose and the bright blue eyes. I entitled it Snow White, with the intentional irony of juxtaposing a fairytale character and a wild animal.