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Framed 21" x 24" Limited Edition Giclee Print, 2011 (Age 15)


The word solitude is often associated with misty mornings and mountainous regions. It is the remoteness from human activity and isolation that is central to the meaning of this painting. I wished to demonstrate this by the two secluded Bighorn Sheep that are camouflaged, giving a sense of the scale and vastness of the mountain. I was in Banff, Alberta, where I took the reference photos for this painting on a misty, hazy day when the sun was absent and so was the horizon. Although humankind is slowly encroaching upon these amazing landscapes, there are still untouched places like this in our vast country of Canada. I wanted to show through this painting how the beauty of the natural world is still present and should be respected and preserved. These are the places where I feel like I am in a dream, where time stands still in the quiet peacefulness of environment and landscape.

    Framed or Unframed