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Tranquil Tides

Framed 8" x 12" Limited Edition Giclee Print, 2014 (Age 19)


The initial inspiration for this landscape painting came from where my family camped on the edge of the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick. Every evening we would go out to clod through the mud and witness the tide returning inland. Then we sat on a knoll until the sun set over the distant hills, its last light reflecting on a relic from the past. A collector who visited my studio gallery a short time later requested a small landscape painting based on my photos. When her name finally came up on my long list of commissions we worked together to flesh out the details, including the footprints (reminiscent of an old poem), Mourning Doves, and a specific latch on an old wooden fence. It is my desire that this painting will invoke the serenity of the scene, transporting the viewer to their own personal place of tranquility. The beauty of creation witnessed through the medium of art can be a conduit to 'the peace that passes all understanding' (Philippians 4:7).