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Limited Edition Giclee Print, 2010 (Age 15)


Print Size: 18" x 24"


This unique old barn stands on some land that my cousin Kyle farms near Wilcox, Saskatchewan. He and my Uncle Daryl took us there when we were visiting in the summer so I could photograph it. I was still taking pictures when my dad went with them into the barn. Up in the rafters they were surprised to discover a huge Great Horned Owl staring down at them. I only caught a few fleeting shots as it flew out an opening in the back, and off into the expansive prairie sky. The next day we returned and the same thing happened. What seemed like it had been abandoned was actually not abandoned at all. It reminded me of the times when I feel lonely and empty, like no one is there. But I know that I will never be alone, because God is always with me. I used all my photos as references for this painting. Someone commented on how tedious it must have been to paint every last shingle, and others have noticed the small details and their shadows. Many appreciate the feelings of nostalgia that this painting conjures up.


C$125 Regular Price
C$65Sale Price
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