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Latest Work


Since 2014 Tiessen's work has taken an innovative approach, breaking out of the traditional quadrilateral format to shaped paintings. This allows the subject matter to dictate the shape of the painting, sometimes literally like the basketball backboard of Defending The Paint, or subtly like the diamond shape of the compass in The Wood Between The Worlds.

STREAMS IN THE WASTELAND (series in progress)

This series of paintings explores the theme of wild animals and insects juxtaposed into abandoned spaces. This foray into imaginative realism lends itself to the conceptual and symbolic themes Tiessen wishes to convey.

Streams in the Wasteland
Teenager in Transition


Tiessen's teen years from 15 to 19 were characterized by experimentation with a variety of subject matter, working primarily in acrylics. Although he had begun painting mostly nature and wildlife, he became fascinated with textures, especially weathered architecture and peeling paint.