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Book Launch and Exhibition: Thursday, September 12th, 5-7pm

Redeemer University Art Gallery • 777 Garner Road E. Ancaster, ON

This forthcoming monograph book is based on Josh Tiessen's newest body of work "Vanitas + Viriditas," which first debuted as a solo exhibition at Rehs Contemporary Gallery in New York City in 2023. The Latin title can be translated to "Vanity + Vitality," and reflects the dual approaches to wisdom explored by the two characters Qohelet and Sophia, and their animal companions in the series.

Now the complete collection, with an introduction by Forbes art critic Natasha Gural, will be available in a luxurious full-colour coffee table book. It is complemented by a soothing soundtrack by Zac Tiessen (available on Apple Music and Spotify), recorded at the Budapest Scoring Orchestra.

*10% of each purchase donated to A Rocha conservation non-profit

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Leading Contemporary Artist

Josh Tiessen’s prodigious art integrates reality with goodness, exploring how the fullness of humanity can bring beauty and truth to bear in cultivating and sanctifying our imagination.



Juno Award-Winning Rapper

I'm touched and encouraged by Josh's full commitment to applying his otherworldly gifts to the most pressing questions of our age. And his responses collected here are even more inspiring: heart-breaking, curious, life-affirming images and words that recall the transcendent beauty of the natural world, the urgent call to live well as humans on this planet, and the divine wisdom that surrounds us.



Editor-in-Chief, Fine Art Connoisseur

This gifted artist looks closely at such forerunners as Caspar David Friedrich, Salvador Dalí, Andrew Wyeth, and Emily Carr to glean from them what he needs, yet he does not live in the past. Rather, he is laser-focused on a range of issues that haunt our own times, most urgently the existential threats facing the environment and particularly wildlife.

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