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Book Synopsis:


According to global child prodigy expert Dr. Joanne Ruthsatz, prodigies occur only 1 in 5-10 million of the population. Art prodigies are the rarest, and male art prodigies are the rarest of all. The story and art of Josh Tiessen, the only known male art prodigy in North America, are presented for the first time in this 200-page hardcover coffee table monograph. From his little-known beginning narrowly escaping a prenatal abduction in Russia, through his childhood and teen years, the reader is drawn in by the fascinating narrative of this rare gift to the art world. Divided into developmental stages, selected works from Tiessen's collection of upwards to ninety originals sold to date (including a few still available for sale) are showcased alongside his own writings, which often reflect his deep spiritual roots. Celebrating the emerging artist's inaugural ten years, from his first public exhibition at eleven to his 21st birthday, the book is both an intriguing time capsule and a beautiful keepsake filled with over 60 full-colour original works of art. Designed and laid out by Tiessen, the book itself is a lovely piece of art, available in a Gallery Edition and a foil-embossed signed limited Collector's Edition (SOLD OUT), which comes with an original sketch of a painting from the book.


“Josh Tiessen’s biography drives the reader along on its narrative, and what a path it is, from the startling beginnings in Russia (his parents worked there as missionaries), amid rumours of baby abductions, to the early inklings that he had a prodigious talent at art. It has not been an entirely smooth path — Josh and his family have struggled with Chronic Lyme Disease — but the beauty this young man has pulled out of his experience, both on the canvas and page through his writings, is truly inspiring in every sense of the word.”


–JEFF MAHONEY, The Hamilton Spectator

A DECADE OF INSPIRATION Monograph (Collector's Edition) + Original Matted Sketch

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