Limited Edition Giclee Print, 2012 (Age 16)


Print Size: 6" x 9"


Framed Size: 14" x 17"


When my family was visiting our relatives’ farm in Saskatchewan, my uncle and cousin took us over to some new land they were renting for farming. In the middle of it stands an old barn and farmhouse — an abandoned homestead that they figured we would find interesting. I took many photos outside and inside, which I later turned into a photographic series called, “Watching Paint Peel.” But it didn’t end there, as I started doing paintings based on the photos I had taken of the old barn, the farmhouse door and a window from the inside. Still, I wasn’t done. Overshadowed is yet another smaller vignette of those relics from the past century. Why do they hold such fascination for me, as a young urbanite from Ontario? It wasn’t until this latest painting that I figured it out. I care for endangered species of animals, and homesteads in Ontario such as these have become endangered species too, pushed out to the edges by our urban sprawl. We fail to stop and contemplate the simple beauty of their architecture, and the wisdom of those who once lived there and on whose shoulders we now stand. Before the last of these homesteads is bulldozed by our new millennium, I wanted to pause and ponder as I carefully and lovingly rendered each detail into a high realism memoir. At sixteen, I guess I’m just an old soul after all.