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Framed Limited Edition Giclee Print, 2013 (Age 17)


Print Size: 12" x 24"


Framed Size: 17" x 29"


Fascinated by an old ornate European-style building adorned with lion heads in downtown Hamilton, I was inspired to create this painting. I was also drawn to the weathering of this building indicated by peeling paint, which strangely revealed red paint underneath. The late evening sun illuminating this sculptural surface enhances the contrasts. While most decorative structures use gargoyles or lions traditionally believed to ward off evil, I paradoxically replaced one of the lions with a lamb. The lion, a symbol commonly representing strength and ferocity, together with the lamb, a symbol representing humility and weakness, is an uncommon coupling that may seem strange to some viewers. Biblically, the symbol of a stronger animal such as a wolf, leopard or lion paired with a much weaker animal like a lamb, goat or calf, allegorically portrays a time when there will be ultimate peace and complete restoration (Isaiah 11:6). Metaphorically, the lion and the lamb represent the duality of Christ, who in essence was the perfect and pure Lamb of God sacrificed by crucifixion in place of humankind, but also the mighty Lion of Judah triumphing over death and reigning as King (Revelation 5:5-6). While this information is not intended to be didactic, it is nonetheless the personal meaning behind this painting, but it is up to the viewer to make their own interpretation.

The Lion and The Lamb

C$100 Regular Price
C$50Sale Price
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