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Born in 1995 in Moscow, Russia, Josh Tiessen is an international award-winning artist based near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He was listed as one of the world's top ten prodigy artists (Huffington Post) and recognized as the only known male art prodigy in North America (Dr. J. Ruthsatz). His hyperreal shaped oil paintings, which take up to 1700 hours to complete, reflect the interaction between the natural world and human-made structures.


As a teenager Tiessen was juried in as the youngest member of International Guild of Realism, Artists for Conservation and Society of Animal Artists. As a young adult, Art Renewal Center designated him "Associate Living Master," and New York based gallery Jonathan LeVine Projects awarded him First Place from 2000 artists in their international competition Search for the Next Great Artist. LeVine presented the emerging artist's debut international solo exhibition in May of 2019.

Josh Working on Agnus Dei.jpg


"Josh's work is a marriage between contemporary and classical, realism and the conceptual. The strength of his work starts with solid ability and is carried deeper by personal concepts that engage the viewer on a more intimate level. He is a rare, young talent."

-QUANG HO, Internationally Acclaimed Artist and Curator, Gallery 1261

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