Streams in the Wasteland is a dynamic body of work completed by artist Josh Tiessen over the course of six years. In the style of Narrative Hyper-Surrealism these exquisitely crafted oil paintings depict nature's reclamation. In them, wild animals have dominion over human civilizations, implicating humankind for ignoring the Creator's call to care for the earth. The artist's desire is to offer streams of hope within the apocalyptic wasteland.


Exhibited across multiple gallery shows from New York to LA, for the first time the entire Streams in the Wasteland series is presented in this luxurious hardcover monograph book. Tiessen's articulate synopsis explains the series, with informative commentary and humourous anecdotes accompanying each of the full-colour images, reflecting on the environmental and spiritual themes behind his work.


While viewing the art, it is enhanced by listening to the Streams in the Wasteland Original Soundtrack, composed by acclaimed musician Zac Tiessen.